How do I convince my parents so I can get Invisalign instead of traditional braces?

  1. Invisalign is a bit more than braces but I dont think that matters. Any tricks to convince them?


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    Answer by ooladd (joanna)
    Say you will pay the difference by cleaning around the house and stuff.

  2. I am planning on getting invisalign because i have a small gap between my front two teeth. I am 16,but i dont want to get braces. I was wondering if someone could give me a estimate?

    Thanks for all the Answeres.
    Oh by the way does insurance cover it?

    Answer by jsprplc2006
    Invisalign works great for small imperfections. Its typically used more often in adults, but you sound like a good candidate.

    It works very well when used properly, and costs about the same as normal braces.

    If there are any other problems with jaw alignment though – problems only a dentist can see, you might need braces anyway.

  3. Im considering Invisalign. Ive also looked into traditional braces (I had them about 20 years ago and dont want a metal mouth again). Does anyone have any endorsements or cautions about Invisalign?

    Answer by perioligament
    I really dont know of any drawbacks to invisalign. They are clear mouth trays that you wear all of the time, except when you are eating. They are very hard to detect, you can hardly see them. They seem to be a little more expensive then the traditional braces. At our office they run about five thousand dollars, in which some insurances will cover about half of that. The only drawback that I can think of would be lack of patient compliance. IF you dont wear them the prescribed amount of time, then the dentist/orthodontist cant guarantee that your teeth will move the way they are suppose to. With traditional brackets and bands they are cemented on to your teeth, thus you have to wear them. Invsisalign is trays you can take in and out, so if you are not wearing them then you are going to waste your money. I understand they take a little getting use to when you are talking, but this goes away in no time. I dont know if anyone noticed, but a few years ago tom cruise wore them. Good luck.

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