A Well Trained Dog Is The Best Companion

Many first-time dog owners worry that they don’t have the skills necessary to train their dog. Actually, nearly anyone can train their pet, no matter how busy they are. The trick is to have a clear picture of what your animal needs.

Training your pet to roll over very easy. Just remember to have treats in hand. The first step is to get the dog to lay down. Then, position a treat near the floor to one side of him, raise it up and move it over to the opposite side. He should then roll over while following the treat. As he is rolling over say, “roll over” and praise them immediately when they do. This may take time, so don’t become frustrated. Part of a successful dog training program is to keep the dog healthy. Your pet cannot respond to you well if it is feeling poorly. Make sure to take your dog to the veterinarian for regular checkups or for any illnesses that might arise. While you are there, get a microchip implanted in case you ever lose track of your precious pet.

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